These are my nearest and dearest friends... Enjoy!

This is my Aunt Mindy. She is really nice and luvs to play! She is 2 years old and is alittle taller than me. She has a webpage that she is working on. See what she already has. Mindy's Page

This is my other aunt/sister, Aunt Foxy. She's a beagle/walker.

This is a picture of me, Aunt Vivian and Aunt Wendy! It was took after Aunt Wendy gave me to Aunt Vivian so she could bring me to mom.

This is Zeus. He has a webpage like me...

Zeus's Home Page

Here's an adorable picture of Aunt Vivian's 4 pups!

A picture of my friend Skootchie...

This is Shelby!!! Ain't she a doll?

This is a very special picture, this is Aunt Terri's dog, Freddie. No he isn't a minpin, but Aunt Terri has helped my mom alot with this page, so I thought it would be nice.

Thanks to all the proud mama's your sent pictures!

Special thanks to Aunt Terri who is uploading these pictures for my mama! She has a webpage about The Monkees and The Beatles! Mom thinks its a real whippy page! So check it out! Terri's Place

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