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Dianna's Gab Page!

Lady Scarlett Dianna Rose- words from her mom.

When I first got Dianna I couldn't believe it! I had waited so long to get a dog, and finally it had happened! The last few months since I've had her has been a total blast! She has brought so much joy to my life it's been unbelievable! I've watched her become more confident and less scared as she's lived her. I am so looking forward to spending many, MANY more years of my life with her!

Reasons I love Dianna are so numerous it'd be stupid to list them all here, but a few of the most wonderful reasons are: 1. She's always been there to cheer me up. 2. She is my alarm clock! Never lets me sleep in! 3. She REALLY misses me when I'm gone and doesn't care if I win or lose a basketball game! She just misses me! 4. She protects me, from EVERYONE!

I would admonish you, if you don't have a dog, get one, but take care of it. Don't just leave it if you can't take care of it! Spay or neuter your dogs, cats, etc! Don't overpopulate.

One reason I became a vegetarian is because I couldn't stand the thought of cows and pigs and chickens dying just so I could have some meat. Those animals go through torture just for YOU! Chickens are debeaked, which are VERY painful! Baby animals are forced to do things, some animals can't even walk their living conditions are so horrid. People don't eat dogs and cats, but they are being killed just the same. The reason? Because people can't take care of their pets! They are up and leaving them, letting them run lose. Everyday THOUSANS and MILLIONS of animals are put to sleep. STOP IT! Stop the cruelty! SAVE THE ANIMALS!

Thank you.

If you have any questions, comments, or your own rescue story, please e-mail me.

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