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Hey Hey We're The Monkees is how the "Pre-Fab Four" are known. Davy, Micky, Peter, and Mike all earned instant fame on the day they became... a monkee. Yes, it was waaaaaay back in the 60's when this fame came, but they are still reaping in the glory from it, now from second and third generation fans! The Monkeemania is still strong among teenagers and, yes, adults today. And if you aren't a Monkee fan still, the words "Davy Jones" or "Micky Dolenz" or "Peter Tork" or "Mike Nesmith" still bring, what is that? a flutter to your stomach? They have balded a little over the years, maybe added a pound or two, but to that, they have released a new album in 1996, made a TV special to promote that, and have had individual careers. Let's look at a blast to the past!

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Teen Idols

Teen idols have always been and always will be. I mean, in the 50's you had Elvis, 60's Beatles and Monkees, 70's David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, 80's, um, well, I'm not a big 80's person but you had teen idols, and in the 90's you have Hanson and the Spice Girls and whoever else. I'm sure there were more than just Beatle and Monkee idols in the sixties, but when you picture the sixties, don't you see Micky, Davy, Mike, Peter, George, Paul, Ringo, and John? I do and I wasn't even alive in the 60's. Anyway, enough on the others, let's get back to The Monkees. Songs like "I'm A Believer" and "I wanna be free" were enough to make ANY girl swoon, right? I thought so. If you just put in your favorite Monkee album on the record machine, turn off the lights, turn on your lava lamp, and close your eyes, you see your favorite Monkee singing the song, to you. As you dream a little bit more the feeling in your stomach grows... unforantly, by that time, the song is over and, of course, so is the moment. You can tell you are a true Monkee fan, just by the way your room is. Do you have ALL their songs memorized? Pictures of them on every last visible space in your room? Do you know ALL there is to know about them? If you have just a little bit of those symptons, then beware! You have MONKEEMANIA! There is NO cure to Monkeemania! NONE! YOU HAVE IT FOREVER!!!!!! Ok, maybe not forever, but it CAN be contagious, so do be careful!

Let's Compare...

...The Beatles and The Monkees... I know a lot of Monkee fans, are also die-hard Beatle fans, and vica versa. I'm a huge Monkee fan, but I still like The Beatles. A lot of argument (from fellow Monkee/Beatle lovers) about comparing them. One side argues that the Beatles are better, and the other side, of course, disagrees. I feel though that there is no point in comparing something that isn't even the same. The Beatles were song-writers, musicians and that is what they did. The Monkees, on the other hand, were actors, playing musicians, and later became just that. But, there are a few things worth noting... 1. Both sides can't spell. The Monkees aren't spelt The Monkeys. The Beatles aren't spelt The Beetles. 2. They both have those adorable British folks. The Monkees had three U.S. dudes, and one guy from Manchester with the "cute" accent. The Beatles had four guys from Liverpool with a "cute" accent. 3. Both groups had trademarks. Mike's hat and Ringo's rings. 4. They both had animal songs. The Monkees "Gonna Buy Me A Dog" and "The Porpoise Song" and The Beatles "Rocky Racoon" and "Octopus's Garden". 5. Monkees= "No no no" --Last Train To Clarksville Beatles= "yeah, yeah, yeah" --She Loves You

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