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I'm so glad you came to meet me! Hi! My name is Dianna! Well, if you want to be technical my full name is Lady Scarlett Dianna Rose, but considering I only weigh about 5 or 6 pounds, my owner decided it was too big of a name for such a little girl such as myself... so I'm called Dianna. =) I'm only about a year old and I'm about 10 1/2 inches tall. So welcome to my page! Let's begin...

I have a story that unfortantly, isn't that uncommon. My owner didn't get me from breeder... she adopted me. See, I was found abandoned in Texas, over near El Paso, and it took several hours before anyone could catch me. When they did I was covered in ticks and weighed only 4 pounds! Apparently, what humans think had happened, was, I had needed this surgery on my legs, so my former owners just left me... I guess they didn't want to do this surgery. But, as sad as that was, I'm doing awesome. I had a really great foster mom, Wendy, who took care of me during my stay in El Paso and since she had several minpins I had alot of foster brothers and sisters to play with. I also had many great human friends who pitched in and helped pay for my surgery! The type of surgery I had usually costs about $1000!!! But the nice vet there only made the humans pay $350! Wasn't that nice of him? Thanks Dr. Bob!

At first after my surgery I didn't have any new owner to look forward to going to, so my foster mom continued to care for me and she even exercised me in a bathtub full of water! WHICH I HATED OF COURSE!!!!!!!! But, then the great day came, when I was told I had a new mom! And that I would get to go to her as soon as the weather cooled down... well, with that El Nino whatever, it turned out that the weather wasn't cooperating, so... a human friend of both my foster and new mom, volunteered to take me to my new famly! I was thrilled when I heard this news! It wasn't long now before I got to see my mom! All the time after the surgery, I was able to walk on just 3 out of my 4 legs... but I was walking on the 4th one more and more each day... I hoped that by the time I got to see mom that I'd be able to walk like a pro!

I had a long trip to my home... it lasted about 2 days! I traveled with Lily, a fellow minpin and her two humans. Lily comes from a big family! Two of her siblings are rescued dogs too! She has 5 siblings! Lily is younger than me. She's about 5 months old. I liked traveling with Lily. I was told that my new owner had all neat toys for me to play with and everything that a puppy like me could desire! I decided that I would be the judge of that though! =) I entered into a family that was be kinda big! There was four humans living in the house and my aunt Mindy and aunt Foxy. Mindy is a minpin and is 2 years old...(her birthday is in July.) She's black and rust, not red like me. I really had hoped I would along okay with her. I had hoped that she wasn't TOO bossy! Aunt Foxy is a beagle/walker... I had been told she pretty much stays to herself. As the time got closer I started getting kinda nervous... all these thoughts keep running through my head. I mean, I'd already been through alot! I'm was sure though that everything would be okay! I just a few days to wait!

The time FINALLY came when I arrived at my mom's house. I was VERY scared! I have a confession to make though, it wasn't my new aunt that was mean, it was me. =( I was just so scared that anytime Aunt Mindy or Aunt Foxy came near me I would bare my teeth or lung at them! My mommy kept getting on to me, and I KNOW I wasn't MEANING too, but I just couldn't help it. I told my mom that I was working on it and all. She keeps reminding me though. Oh well! Check below to see updated stuff on my progress! K?

Well, I did arrive and I'm doing great! This main page won't be updated, but please come back as I will be sure to have more pictures, more links and more about ME!!! Thanks for coming! Hope to see ya soon!!!

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