D'Spirit Page

Welcome to My Spirit Page!

I am so glad you could make it! I have loved being involved with The Site Fights.

Being involved with the Fabulous Fifties group has been so radical!

CLICK HERE to VOTE !!! Voting is very simple and won't take long! Just hop to the Drive In, put your e-mail address and click on DIANNA's PAGE, then Rock D'Vote! Thanks for the many, MANY people who have already voted for me and please, keep it up!!!

FiftiesHippy and Dianna Rose has GOT D'Spirit!

We love to SHOUT IT OUT!!! By shouting it out we get extra points for our website, and we also show our Spirit!

Friends, Friends, Friends

My Spirit Flowers show my Spirit! As well as my friends! I thank you all for the flowers!

Wee Ones and Fairies

Since joining the The Site Fights I have been sprinkled, tickled and dusted by Wee Ones and Fairies! My mommy even became a Wee One! Perhaps you'll see her around on your site, dusing you with fairy dust, or tickling you! She's quite good at it! She just wanted to help others get in the SPIRIT as she was shown! Just maybe, one day, you'll hear a twitter and see some glitter and know that you have been shown the Spirit by Wee One Hippy. Just maybe...

Ta ta and Tally-Ho!

Dianna's Page

This is the award I got from SHOUT IT OUT! Neat, uh?

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